Hello!  My name is Ruth Baxter and I live in beautiful Northumberland, in the north of England, with my husband, three children and our dog Rex.

If you are interested in any of my work please contact me at oneyellowteapot@gmail.com

I have always loved drawing, art and creating.  I originally studied Architecture, and have carried my love of perspective, clean lines and pops of colour through to the artwork I am producing now using thread.  I am looking forward to more experimenting and developing my ideas, as much as my busy life will allow!

I love…

– Mid century and modern design,

– the detail in everything

– taking pictures of our lives and the world around us, (I’m slightly obsessed with Instagram)

– beautiful interiors and decorating and making plans for our gorgeous new 70s split level house

Our yellow teapot has been at the centre of our kitchen for a long time.  In typical English style, whatever the occasion, I enjoy a cup of tea!

So thank you for stopping by, shall I put the kettle on?!


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