Colours, Patterns, Textures

I am taking it as a given that you now all know about Pinterest, the virtual web based scrapbook, if you don’t please take a look and get involved.  Beware, it is highly addictive!! 😉  I previously wrote about my new found love of Pinterest here.

If you already follow me over on Pinterest you will know one of the favourite boards I have created is ‘Colours, Patterns, Textures‘.  I pin A LOT on that board!  I pin a wide range of images,  that I enjoy, and find inspiring.  This board then allows me, and anyone else who would like, to go back and revisit them whenever a burst of inspiration is required, or just a feast for the eyes.  I am continually adding to this board, usually on a Sunday morning over a cup of tea!

I did think about splitting up this board, but I found it impossible to distinguish which of the 3 elements above, some pictures solely fell into.  So I am going to stick with it as it is, and not going to confuse things!  The title says it all and flicking through these images is such a joy for me, and hopefully you too!

The images come from a wide range of sources, and depict a wide range of subjects.  From geometric paintings, to close up images of nature.  From elements of architecture to a masterpiece of woven fabric.  It is incredible where beauty can be found and captured.  I plan to start a series of posts on here with my own images and photographs that can be filed under the above title, that I hope you enjoy.  But first I thought I had better introduce the board to you!

Below are a very select group of images taken from my board.  Please head on over and have a look at the rest!  I would love it if you followed me over there, and kept up to date with my discoveries.  Also, if you know of any boards you think I would be interested in I would love to know about them, please leave a comment below and I will take a look!

pinterest collage

Image links from left to right-
Row 1 – Anish Kapoor, Honeycomb, Austin Minis
Row 2 – Purl BeeElise Djo-BourgeoisLászló Moholy-Nagy
Row 3 – Neon-neutral, Margo Selby bespoke Rugs,  luli sanchez

2 thoughts on “Colours, Patterns, Textures

  1. I do love me some pinterest and yes you are right it is highly addictive! I love the patterns you pin and they are a great source of inspiration for many ideas. Love this post and the images you’ve chosen. Especially love the Anish Kapoor and László Moholy-Nagy. We did a project beased on the later at college back in 2010. Took me some time to get my head around him! x

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