Pinterest and me

I have just discovered Pinterest, and I love it!  I think I am addicted!
It is such a useful tool, especially when you are interested in visual subjects such as design, art, craft, and interiors.  The fact that it is so easy is a very big plus point for me too!  At the click of a button I can save an image, share it, comment on it, reference it, and group it with other similar images.
I love (I’m sorry I know I will use this word a lot!) that you can follow other people’s boards, and see what they are pinning, what images they find exciting, and love.
original image from Skinnylaminx here. pinned to pinterest
I love the style of this wooden sofa, and the beautiful prints in the cushions
I have mainly found myself quickly scrolling through vast quantities of furniture and home related images, from anyone who is pinning an image on these subjects, only pausing when something really grabs my eye.
original image from here. pinned on pinterest
I love the simple wooden chairs with miss matched fabric on the seats
the birds on the wall are fun too!
I have always been a really (REALLY) indecisive person, and would like something, but not be sure if I really LOVED something (husband and children obviously not included in this!!)  I have felt a bit lost for a while about what kind of style was really me, what am I really interested in and not sure how to rectify it.  By only stopping when something grabbed my eye, it was like the image was grabbing something deep inside, making my heart do a flip, and making my stomach turn.  I wasn’t consciously thinking about “should” I like this design, or “is this on trend” or “would this work in my house”.  I was able to finally let go and just go with my instinct.  By pinning an image you are not buying something, you are not committing yourself to redesigning your house there and then, therefore allowing this freedom to release any inhibitions and allowing my gut instinct to express itself, to me!
original image from here. pinned on pinterest
I love the shape of the wooden side pieces, simple arms into legs
teamed with a great printed fabric
By reviewing my boards of pinned images all together a pattern was beginning to emerge.  One that I hadn’t quite expected!  Quite a few of my images were of painted furniture.  I knew that.  I enjoy giving a piece of furniture new life with a lick of paint.  But I was surprised how most of the images showed furniture that were mid century in style.  Colour,(I have always been very wary of after growing up in the beige 90s), really plays a big part in images that I enjoy, as does pattern.  By acknowledging this I have been able to really embrace what I really LOVE, start to find out more about it, I think I will write another post soon on what it is I really like about mid century design and this style. 
…….I wish I had won that Euromillions jackpot so I could totally redesign our house!
original image from here.  pinned on pinterest
beautiful colours
beautiful desk
You can follow my boards by following this link.  Please leave me a comment and share with me your boards, I would love to take a look!
Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest and me

  1. Ruth, I'm loving your Pinterest finds. I will definitely be adding you to my boards. I'm also going to spend some time have a thorough read of your wee bloggy…when I get a bit of spare time this week. : )

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